Mark S Chaet M.D.

Mark S Chaet M.D.

Regional Campus Dean, Orlando

Orlando Regional Campus

Mark Steven Chaet, M.D. serves as the Orlando Regional Campus Dean. In this role, he oversees all campus functions including supervising clerkship directors, student education and performance, and student counseling. The regional campus dean's role at the FSU College of Medicine is unique as he plays an expanded role with students, including direct contact, comprehensive mentoring, and one-on-one interaction when needed. Additionally, fundraising is an increasingly important role of the campus dean in efforts to fund local operations and scholarships for students.

Dr. Chaet, a pediatric surgeon on staff at both Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children and Advent Health Children’s Hospital, has been practicing in the Orlando area since 1997. Serving as an FSU Orlando community faculty member since 2003, Dr. Chaet has shown a commitment to education throughout his career. He has served on the teaching faculty for general surgery residents at both Orlando Health and Advent Health, been a preceptor for physician assistant and nurse practitioner candidates from Nova Southeastern University, the University of South Florida, and the University of South Alabama, and continues to serve as faculty for the Surgical Intern Program at the University of Central Florida. Dr. Chaet has shown great community involvement over the years, both on a local and national level, serving on various committees in the Orlando area and working as consultant for opioid reduction. As a Lt. Colonel in the United States Army and Reserve from 1991-2007, Dr. Chaet trained as a field trauma surgeon and supported medical deployments during both Operation Desert Storm and Operation Enduring Freedom. Dr. Chaet has been involved in a number of research efforts over the years focusing on pediatric surgery and gastroenterology and continues to display a commitment to leadership and ongoing professional development.

B.A., Biology and Sociology, Emory College, Emory University

M.D., Emory University School of Medicine

General Surgery Residency, University of South Florida, USF Affiliated Hospitals

Pediatric Surgery Research Fellowship, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati Children’s Medical Center

Pediatric Surgery Fellowship, Indiana University, Riley Hospital for Children

Independent Physicians Network, Inc., President and Past Vice President

Kids Docs, Chairman and CEO

Darrell Armstrong Foundation for Premature Babies, Co-founder

Jewish Community Center of Greater Orlando, Past Board Member

Florida Hospital for Children, Past Board Member

Hands Up for Haiti Foundation, Mission Surgeon

Cumberland Pharmaceuticals, Consultant for Opioid Reduction

Heron Pharmaceuticals, Consultant/Advisory Board Member

Fellow, American College of Surgeons

Fellow, American Academy of Pediatrics

National Defense Service Medal

Army Service Medal

Army Achievement Medal

Expert Marksman Award

American Pediatric Surgical Association

American College of Surgeons

American Academy of Pediatrics

Pediatric surgery and gastroenterology

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