Susan Epstein MSLS, AHIP

Susan Epstein MSLS, AHIP

Head of Library Access Systems, Charlotte Edwards Maguire Medical Library

Main Campus

Susan Epstein analyzes, documents, and modifies e-resource, instructional, and website processes and products for the Maguire Medical Library.


Susan Epstein began her special library career in 1994 at the FSU Career Center, managing access to quality information that people need to make career decisions. She then specialized in health information at the FSU Maguire Medical Library, first as head of public services from 2009 to 2012, and currently managing systems to address the ever-increasing complexity of an online medical library.

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Professional certificate (graduate-level): Instructional Design (2021); Professional certificate (graduate-level): Web Design (2009); Master of Science in Library Science(1993), The Florida State University; Special emphasis: Information Technology / Bachelor of Arts in Spanish; Bachelor of Science in Family and Community Development, University of Maryland (1981) / Spanish/Community Development Semester Abroad, Universidad de los Andes; Bogotá, Colombia (Spring 1980)


Selected book chapters, articles, and monograph

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