Angelina Sutin Ph.D.

Angelina Sutin Ph.D.


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Using the Five-Factor Model of personality as an organizing framework, my research addresses how personality traits are associated with physical and mental health across adulthood and how personality shapes the psychological understanding of personally-meaningful experiences. Broadly, my research objectives are (1) to identify links between personality and inflammatory, cardiovascular, metabolic, and other markers of physical health, (2) to identify how personality traits relate to mental health, life events, and autobiographical memory, and (3) to identify the processes through which traits are associated with these outcomes across the adult lifespan. Using correlational, longitudinal, and experimental methodologies, my research takes a comprehensive approach to these objectives by addressing the physiological, behavioral, and social mechanisms that link personality traits and other psychological processes to morbidity and mortality.

B.A., Psychology, Mount Holyoke College, 1999
Ph.D., Psychology (Personality), University of California, Davis, 2006
Postdoctoral Fellowship, National Institute on Aging, 2006-2012

Association for Research in Personality

Society for Personality and Social Psychology

Association for Psychological Science

Gerontological Society of America

Lifespan development

Personality and health

Cognitive aging

Psychological well-being

Health disparities

Representative Publications

  1. Sutin, A. R., Ferrucci, L., Zonderman, A. B., & Terracciano, A. (2011). Personality and obesity across the adult lifespan. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 101, 579-592.
  2. Sutin, A. R., Stephan, Y., & Terracciano, A. (2015). Weight discrimination and risk of mortality. Psychological Science, 26, 1803-1811.
  3. Sutin, A. R., Luchetti, M., Stephan, Y., Robins, R. W., & Terracciano, A. (2017). Parent educational attainment and adult offspring personality: An intergenerational lifespan approach to the origin of adult personality traits. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 113, 144-166.
  4. Sutin, A. R., Stephan, Y., & Terracciano, A. (2018). Facets of conscientiousness and risk of dementia. Psychological Medicine, 48, 974-982.
  5. Luchetti, M., Lee, J. H., Aschwanden, D., Sesker, A. A., Strickhouser, J. E., Terracciano, A., & Sutin, A. R. (2020). The trajectory of loneliness in response to COVID-19. American Psychologist, 75, 897-908.
  6. Sutin, A. R., Luchetti, M., Stephan, Y., & Terracciano, A. (in press). Purpose in life and motoric cognitive risk syndrome: Replicable evidence from two national samples. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.

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