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The Florida State University College of Medicine -- where students such as Amanda Sautter, left, get countless clinical experiences -- is not just in Tallahassee. This medical school has campuses in six Florida communities and clinical training sites in both Florida and Georgia. Read more.


Not so long ago John Thrasher spoke amid earthmovers as construction began on the College of Medicine building that's named for him. Now it's anniversary time: Ten years after the bill-signing that created this school, we have much to celebrate.

Faculty members continue to gain attention and gather honors for their publications, presentations, research and more. Catch up on the latest achievements and the other latest news concerning the College of Medicine's faculty.
Whether they're healing and learning around the world (such as Natasha Demehri, shown here in Uganda) or winning praise for their academics and leadership, College of Medicine students continue to thrive. Read about the latest students in the news.
Pictured here is a lighter moment from the Class of 2005's early days. The members of that first class will be the special guests in April at the annual reunion for College of Medicine and PIMS alumni. Also in the news is yet another graduate who has been named a chief resident. Take a look.
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