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Jillianne Grayson (Class of 2014), third from the left in the back row, organized these intrepid pedalers for a good cause: an indoor cycle-a-thon called Pedaling for Parkinson’s. The medical students raised a grand total of $15,000, which they donated to Tallahassee Memorial Hospital’s NeuroScience Center for Parkinson’s research. Part of the money will help fund student research being done under the direction of neurology Professor Gerry Maitland, M.D.

Grayson said she devised the fundraiser idea after her grandfather died last year from complications with Parkinson’s. Participants divided up into teams of six to 12 people, and for six hours one member per team had to be pedaling. Each team was committed to raising at least $500. There also was a prize drawing along with other events that raised money, as well as educational activities.

“We could not have raised this much,” Grayson said, “without the support of the College of Medicine and Sweat Therapy Fitness, which donated its gym and instructors for the day.”

Best-known for its spring-break medical outreach trips to Immokalee, Texas/Mexico and Panama, FSUCares also reaches out to underserved communities in the Tallahassee area. Recently, it also began expanding its outreach into the other regional campuses. In January, former FSUCares officers Melissa Velarde (Class of 2013, Daytona Beach, second from left in photo) and Sarah Weaver (Class of 2013, Orlando, second from right) organized health fairs in Apopka (near Orlando) and Daytona Beach.

The two organizers participated in both fairs, and they had a lot of help. Fourth-year students at Apopka were Coley Sheriff and Jared Rosenfeld. Third-years were Aleksandra Ostrovskaya, Philip Lin, Raquel Olavarrieta, Carlos Leon, Omolabake Bankole, Zachary Hale, Shawn Shah, Heather Staples and Brittany Warren. Faculty members assisting in Apopka were Dr. Mark Weatherly, M.D., and Kevin Sherin, M.D., director of the Orange County Health Department.

The third-year students helping at Daytona Beach were Gabby Messmer, Stephen Cooke, Dale Taylor, Meghan Fabrizi, Natalie Williams and Jesse Boodoo. The faculty members who participated were Luckey Dunn, M.D., campus dean; George Bernardo, M.D.; Wes Driggers, M.D.; and Sandra Buchanan, M.D.

Also participating, from the main campus, were second-year students Mohamed Ashouri, Chirley Rodriguez and Eleanore Black, and first-years Rachel Mattio, Ryan Brosch, Crystal Pickeral, Yen Chau and Chian-Yu Lin.

FSUCares’ mission is to provide health services, including medical care, education and counseling, to people who would not otherwise have them and to provide an interactive, clinical learning environment for College of Medicine students. President John Thomas (Class of 2014) said the regional health fairs included checking vital signs, nutrition counseling, diabetic screenings, smoking cessation counseling, HIV screenings and fluoride treatments. He hopes they’ll become regular events at each campus.

Leah Williams (Class of 2013, Fort Pierce campus) was co-author of an article published in the International Journal of Risk & Safety in Medicine. Title: “Long-term complication: Florida’s death certification process and long-term care.” She and co-author Hayley Dewey, a College of Law student, wrote under the supervision of Marshall Kapp, J.D., MPH, director of the Center for Innovative Collaboration in Medicine & Law. The article resulted from their summer 2010 project through the center, with the financial support of the Department of Geriatrics’ Mathews Fund.

Kapp also mentored Brittany Lamb (Class of 2014) and College of Law student Sarah Catherine Spillers on a medical-legal collaborative project, also through a donation from Dr. Mathews. Their paper, “Is the POLST Model Desirable for Florida?,” was published in the Florida Public Health Review. The students also presented poster versions of it at the meetings of the Florida Medical Association and the Florida Medical Directors Association.

In the previous issue of EMR, we reported that Rick Sims (Class of 2014) had been inducted into the Seminole Torchbearers for his involvement in and commitment to the university. What we didn’t report, because we didn’t know, was that he had a lot of company. Here are other College of Medicine students who were inducted:
- Erin Bascom (Class of 2013, Pensacola campus).
- Laura Davis (Class of 2013, Pensacola campus).
- Brian Gordon (Class of 2015).
- Laura Irastorza (Class of 2015).
- Andrew Lane (Class of 2012, Daytona Beach campus).
- Jordan Rogers (Class of 2012, Orlando campus)
- Makandall Saint-Eloi (Bridge class, pictured here)

Those are the names we got from Torchbearers officials. If you know of anyone they left off, please send us an email. 

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