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The College of Medicine goes to great lengths to create a diverse student body, so it was heartening to be listed among the top 10 U.S. medical schools for Hispanics. Read about that, an important Autism Institute project and other recent news.

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Dennis Baker was honored as an educational innovator by the AAMC, as were fellow faculty members Greg Turner and Marshall Kapp. Catch up on the recent achievements of dozens of faculty members across all of our campuses.

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Ryan Berger’s innovative idea has become a potentially lifesaving app for your iPhone. Students Ryan Shannon and Brett Thomas are also in the news, thanks to their scholarships. Find out about them and other students

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Whenever alumni go out of state for residencies or fellowships, the question arises: Will they come back? Two of our earliest alumni, Matt and Stephanie Lee, have returned to Tallahassee to practice. Read our alumni updates.

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