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 Dean's Message

Dean John P. Fogarty, seen here in the ref’s outfit he wore for Match Day’s “Match Madness” theme, gives you an overview of where the College of Medicine is heading.

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 Top Stories

A generous check from Florida Hospital. A look at how life began on Earth. A link between your happiness and your birth year. See what people are reading about the College of Medicine.

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  Faculty News

Research by the Yanchang Wang lab and this clever illustration put the College of Medicine on the cover of Molecular Biology of the Cell. Read about that paper and other faculty achievements.

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  Student News

Brett Thomas is one of several students recognized recently for their leadership qualities. Find out about them and about other medical students, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in the news.

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  Alumni News

Class of 2008 alumna Tanya Evers, seen here with her Seminole-spirit daughters, was among the hundreds who attended the April 13 Spring BBQ/Alumni Reunion.

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