Pradeep Bhide Ph.D.

Professor, Jim and Betty Ann Rodgers Eminent Scholar Chair of Developmental Neuroscience, Director, Center for Brain Repair

Main Campus

Dr. Pradeep G. Bhide is the Jim and Betty Ann Rodgers Eminent Scholar Chair of Developmental Neuroscience and the director of the Center for Brain Repair at the Florida State University College of Medicine.

Dr. Bhide received his degree in Veterinary Medicine from Veterinary College, Bangalore, India, and a Ph.D. in neuroscience from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. He undertook postdoctoral training in developmental neurobiology at University College, London; Yale University; and Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School.

Administrative Responsibilities
Director, Interdepartmental Neuroscience Center, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA (2003-11)
Vice Chair for Neurology Research, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA (2007-11)
Director, Center for Brain Repair, FSU College of Medicine (2011-present)

Editorial Boards
Senior Editor, Developmental Neuroscience (2009-present)

Editorial Board - Developmental Neuroscience (2005-present)

Editorial Board: Current Neuropharmacology (2009-present)

Associate Editor, Frontiers in Neurogenesis (2022-present)

Editorial Board: Neurotoxicology and Teratology (2022-present)

MRC (UK) Research Assistantship

Wellcome Trust (UK) Fellowship

Charles A. King Trust Fellowship, Boston, MA

Montreal Neurological Institute Young Investigator Award, Montreal, Canada

Partners in Excellence - Leadership and Innovation Award Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA

Outstanding Senior Faculty Researcher Award Florida State University Faculty Council, Tallahassee, FL

Society for Neuroscience

Society for Birth Defects Research and Prevention

Developmental Neurotoxicology Society

American Professional Society for ADHD and Related Disorders

Neuroscience: CNS and Behavior (BMS 6046C)

Foundations of Medicine 2

Musculoskeletal and Integumentary Systems

Biomedical Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The research in the Bhide laboratory focuses on developmental neurological and psychiatric conditions including ADHD and early-onset generalized dystonia. Another area of research focus is the neurological and cognitive effects of prenatal and early postnatal exposure to prescription and illicit drugs.

Current research projects include examination of the role of dopamine receptor activation in the developing brain; the effects of prenatal exposure to cocaine, nicotine and non-nutritive sweetners on the development of the brain and behavior; and the developmental origins of the movement disorder generalized dystonia.

Dr. Bhide’s laboratory employs a variety of technologies including microscopy, histology, biochemistry and molecular biology, cell and tissue culture, neuropharmacology, and behavioral analysis.

Research Group

Research Faculty
Deirdre McCarthy, B.S.

Graduate Students
Sara Jones, B.S.

Amber Parnell, B.S.

Mia Trupiano, B.S.

Undergraduate Students
Diego Figueroa

Daniel Zuniga

Jada Llerena

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