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So far this year, the College of Medicine has had an alumni reunion combined with a 10th-anniversary event; Match Day success; medical-outreach trips during spring break; a university award for one of our student groups; and much more that's worth celebrating. Get the details.

Cathy Levenson, shown here at the College of Medicine's Research Fair in February, is one of many faculty members with appointments, publications, grants, presentations or other achievements that are making news. Catch up on their work.

Jimmy Moss, pictured here, has made an amazing journey from homelessness to medical-school graduation. Travis Grace, his classmate, is bicycling across the country to raise money for a good cause. National honors, community outreach, leadership: Read about dozens of our students in the news.
Find out about our successful Alzheimer's conference. Learn about an upcoming lecture on HIV transmission. Listen to our recent guest lecturer on the topic of health-care reform. And take a look at a billboard that any College of Medicine supporter would love. More news.
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